Evan: I’ve always wanted to order a malt, but I usually get a bowl of whip cream for dessert. 
Laurenne: Just a bowl of whipped cream? 
Evan: Yep. It’s the perfect amount of decadence. Just enough to be satisfying, but not too bad for you.

Laurenne: Do they charge you? 
Evan: Sometimes, but not usually. There’s actually a 50% chance they’ll forget to bring it, but the busboys are cool and they’ll hook you up.

Laurenne: Are you sure you don’t order that because you’re cheap? 
Evan: Yes! I usually get a steak, and that’s decadent already. Don’t want to overdo the decadence.

We stare down at our overflowing table. He has a point.

Laurenne: So… you come here alone, sit at the bar, and order bowls of whip cream? 
Evan: Yes, and sometimes I send bowls of whip cream to other tables. People like it. I’ve never had a bowl of whip cream rejected.

Laurenne: Are you known here as the lone counter-sitter sender of whip?
Evan: That’s the thing…There are always such different types of people here, so I don’t really see the same people. It’s random. People from the beaches, North Hollywood, Downtown. I never leave here without having a conversation with someone new.

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