Midnight Snack: Daikokuya with Adam Kurtz

Fair warning: If you want to be in a band, your nights aren’t ending before midnight. Just goes with the territory. Such is the life of guitarist/bassist/singer/songwriter Adam Kurtz. His nights are spent either rehearsing or playing shows throughout LA and its environs with an ever-changing-and-expanding roster of bands: his own solo project (currently looking for a name; my suggestion of “Colonel and the Kurtzes” was quickly shot down); The Damselles and the TC-4, a 60s throwback doo-wop group; The Richie West Band, a country band that performs songs written by a member’s deceased father; Kino Proby, a tribute to an 80s Russian rock group; and indie rockers Model K. After rehearsal, we went to Adam’s favorite late-night ramen joint in Little Tokyo. Two pieces of information Adam forget to impart before we arrived: (1) It’s cash only; and (2) Be prepared for a long wait. Oh, and: (3) You better like pork.

Rick: Is it always this busy? 
Adam: I didn’t think we’d have a 45-minute wait at 10 o’clock, but we do. I’ve waited two hours before. You don’t come when you’re in a rush. That’s part of the deal. Usually, I go down the block to The Far Bar to have a beer.

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