Midnight Snack: Izakaya Honda-ya with Matt Braunger

Matt: Octopus baaaaalls. 
Henry: I take it you like them.
Matt: They’re great. 
Henry: I’m so afraid of octopus. Ever since watching people eat raw baby octopus in Korean BBQ restaurants, you know, with whole baby body you pop in your mouth like popcorn? 
Matt: Sure sure.
Henry: Horrifies me. Is it good?
Matt: It is, but I eat a lot of weird stuff. I’ll eat whatever I can get that’s odd and within reason. I just got this cookbook from a restaurant in Montreal called “Joe Beef” that’s high end but really into partying and overdoing it, food-wise. I only bring it up because, in Montreal, they almost have a tradition of good eating but indulgent eating, crazy indulgent, where it’s like French times ten, and one of the recipes calls for horse meat, and I’m just like, “Come on. Horse? Really?”


Henry: You mentioned you were in New York. You were shooting something for Comedy Central, right?
Matt: I shot an hour special.

Henry: How is it?
Matt: I like it. I watched the first cut today. It’s so hard to watch yourself. Oh my god, it’s like “What are you doing? Stop walking around. Don’t do that. Look straight ahead.” You get so self-critical. You’ve heard your jokes a million times. You think you don’t have an ounce of charisma. It’s just like anybody - when you see yourself, you’re just like, “Good God, I’m a fat asshole.” I remember when I first came to LA, I started doing commercials to make money, and the first time I saw myself on TV - it was a Christmas ad for Macy’s - and when I came on TV, my first thought was, “I know that dick.”

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