Midnight Snack: DGM (DwitGolMok) with Andrew Ti

DGM is not an easy place to find. Hidden in Koreatown behind an unmarked doorway — or, more accurately, an overly-marked doorway, as it had about three different and highly-confusing addresses on it — the atmosphere is best described as “squatter chic.” There’s an off-the-radar, let’s-just-throw-a-sheet-over-this-alleyway-and-call-it-a-day feel to the place. When a waiter told our photographer he could take photos of the food, but absolutely nothing else, it felt completely right. 

We’re here because Andrew Ti suggested it. He’s the writer behind the highly-read and hilarious blog "Yo, Is This Racist?", where he responds to questions from readers asking whether or not certain things in their everyday lives are subtly racist (spoiler: they are). More recently, he started tracking pop culture racism for Grantland. Well into a Tuesday night, we sat down with Andrew for some Korean fried chicken, a Kimchi pancake, and probably way too many Cass beers.

Rick: So, why this place? 
Andrew: If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have taken you to Dinner House M, which was this quasi-legal weird Japanese bar with fairly lax hours. But it recently got shut down.

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