Blue Ribbon Bundt Cake from the L.A. County Fair

Los Angeles playwright Eva Anderson is a food lover by birth: her great-grandfather was Lew Pollack, the Hollywood songwriter who spent a good chunk of the 1930s making the scene at the Brown Derby.

For the past few years Eva has been indulging her hereditary love of the local food scene by entering baked goods into competition at the L.A. County Fair. For the first couple of summers she tried experimenting with outlandish recipes and ingredients, before realizing that perfectly-executed but traditional treats were they way to go — and her hunch was correct. This summer she was awarded first place in bundt cakes.

Her recipe, adapted from one she found online, uses Meyer lemons for a rounder flavor, and a double dose of vanilla (a trick she learned from a catering chef). It is perfection, and we’re so lucky she’s sharing it here. Enjoy!

See the recipe here.